Below you will find what we can offer you – across the board no matter what you want to do we will make sure you enjoy your time with us, feel safe and leave with new skills. We specialise in working with clients to mix and match subjects and skills to create the best experience for you, so get in touch! Click a link below to view and book an event….

Guided Mountain Adventures

Guiding from hill walking to scrambling, summer and winter, across all of the UKs mountain ranges.

Survival & Expedition Skills and Navigation Training Courses

Survival, expedition and wilderness living skills training provide you with the safety net, skillset and confidence to take on you own adventures both in the UK and further afield whilst also allowing you to be more self sufficient. Navigation elements get you there and back safely.

International Expeditions

Upcoming International Expeditions

Other Events

Some events are a little a of everything, and come around now and again. They can be found here.

Bespoke Adventures

Bespoke adventures created for you, corporate and charity events, personal guiding and custom courses right up to and including full expedition preparation and support.

Adventure Consultancy and Expedition Support

Contact us for further details or your requirements