Enjoy the outdoors

Many think of adventure as something expensive, prohibitive and taking place in far flung corners of the world.

At MDA we will show you that finding real adventure is about the right mindset and skill set not bank balance and exotic locations.

Adventure takes all shapes and sizes and we will give you an introduction to what is possible or perhaps you already enjoy the outdoors and wish to take your skills further or learn something new.


Not everyone needs a Mountain Leader or Guide, but these can be invaluable to those either starting our or wanting to build their confidence in certain aspects of the outdoors.


Our adventures are all about you and we want you to not only build on your skills, but to make memories!

An Experienced Team

All of our staff are qualified or have had extensive experience in various aspects of what we offer. Several of us have taken part in or led expeditions internationally.

Some of our staff and our occasional guest instructors will also have had a military background including specialist roles and overseas deployment enabling us to offer some unique training. We are proud to be Veteran Owned and you will find a handful of our events reflect this.

With guest instructors on hand, we are able to call them on to assist with more specialist or niche subject matters allowing us to cater to most requests, including our bespoke events, expeditions and events that will benefit charities and other brands.

Meet our expert team

From different areas and backgrounds of outdoor expertise