Your Guides and Instructors

Maddog Adventures currently has 3 permanent staff members who are not only its founders but who will be your leaders and instructors whilst outdoors. Each have a key interest in different skill areas and are all from different backgrounds. Please read a little about each below.


Marc or ‘Scopey‘ to some spent 12 years in the military including two tours in Afghanistan. Spending a lot of his time running around the Brecon Beacons ignited a passion for the mountains and the military fostered his love of adventure…

Scopey trained as a sniper, team medic, and land navigation instructor. His survival and wilderness skills come from his years of working outdoors and his adventures have seen him work or play in the Desert, the Himalayas, the Alps and the Jungle….


Mike grew up in rural Norfolk with a love of the outdoors and due to his location is happy by the sea, on the river or in the forest.

Mike met Marc and Chris a few years back and since has been coerced into adventures further afield and has started to develop as a mountaineer.

However Mike’s main passion is and always will be wilderness living and survival skills. His ambition is to one day trek across the Canadian rocky mountains.


Chris started in the outdoors as a reluctant training partner to Marc, joining in trips to the hills. His love for the mountains grew from there, seeking out the best that the U.K was able to offer – from Snowdonia to the Scottish Highlands.

A joint leader and organiser for a self-sufficient trip to Everest Base Camp in 2009 – the early origins of Maddog Adventures – in aid of Charity fueled the passion for sharing the experience of the outdoors with others.

Chris will usually be found providing background support on the Survival and Expedition Skills courses.

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