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quickLIGHT™ is a high performance waterproof tinder designed to catch quickly and burn hot to get your fire going when you need it most. This tinder can be used with a firestarter, matches, or a lighter.

No mess
quickLIGHT™ is dry-treated cotton (clean to the touch) and is extremely easy to light even with a small spark.
Easy to light
quickLIGHT™ can be lit from a ferrocerium rod such as our nanoSTRIKER XL™ or a sparker such as our nanoSPARK™. Simply pull apart and fluff the end to maximize surface area, then spark.
Multiple Uses
quickLIGHT™ will burn for 1-2 minutes. Oftentimes an open flame is needed only for a few seconds to light a tinder bundle. Snuff out the quickLIGHT™ and reuse it later.
Water Resistant
The dry-treated cotton beads water to prevent absorption. Before lighting, knock the water off then fluff the end with dry hands.


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