Expedition: Langkawi (Deposit) 13th-24th October 2025


We will combine a deep jungle trek in primary rainforest with learning how to survive on a tropical island and even some scuba/snorkelling thrown in for good measure!

We will RV on the beautiful archipelago islands of Langkawi, set off the west coast of Malaysia/Thailand. An area famed for its natural beauty, incredible jungle and simply stunning coastlines.

Day 1 we will meet at our accommodation for a brief on what is to come, look over everyone’s equipment and prepare for our jungle phase.

The next morning we will be heading by road to the north west of the island, an untouched wilderness comprising of epic mountains and dense coastal jungle.

 We will follow the contours of this incredible and formidable landscape, using the valleys and river systems, mountain ridges and summits to navigate around the coast. The 4-day trek will be incredible, testing your expedition skills, the durability of your equipment and your teamwork. There has never been a commercial expedition in this area of jungle, aside from the handful of Orang Asli that may have travelled here for hunting and gathering you will be some of the first to enter this untamed wilderness. During the jungle phase we will instruct you in jungle survival and expedition skills as well as key medical and rescue skills to give you a good base of knowledge for your own adventures in the future.

The last day of this trek is a true test of your mental and physical strength, we will summit the mighty Gunung Machinchang, it may sound small at 704M however this is a tough ascent over difficult terrain in high temperatures and humidity. The views however are so very worth it and it wouldn’t be a Maddog Adventures trip without us sneaking in a mountain somewhere would it?

Once we reach our exfil site we will be collected again via vehicle, travelling around the coastline back to a shower, good meal and even a well-earned drink or two!

The next day you will take a day’s R&R that you won’t forget, taking a dive boat to a diving nature reserve where you can enjoy a few reef/wreck dives (Try dives for those who have not dived before).

The next day having enjoyed our rest we will start our next phase, transiting by small private boat, we will head due west to our small secluded island beach looking at the blank horizon of the Andaman sea. The next few days will be at a more relaxed pace than the jungle and will be something truly special.

We will perfect your desert island living skills, fishing, foraging and craft skills.

Spending your days exploring the beautiful reef off the beach, fishing from beach or Spear fishing for your food and even some free diving to forage the seabed.

By night we will relax on the beach, under the stars with a BBQ enjoying our own spot of paradise around the fire.

As you can see, we have a definitive split in this trip, a challenging yet rewarding start, finishing with a relaxing break on a desert island allowing you to completely chill out, enabling you to return home feeling that you have accomplished something, learnt new skills, made new friends with a newfound confidence in your own abilities but without feeling broken!

The remote island phase is fully catered by our team in terms of staples, supplemented by your fishing and foraging.  There is also an optional survival phase at the end of the island trip, we will maroon your solo and leave you with your parang and first aid kit (and a sat phone). The rest is up to you!


Total shown here is for initial 20% deposit. Remainder of payment will be invoiced 30 days prior to event date. Please refer to our Events pages for pricing.

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