Exotac Firesleeve


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The fireSLEEVE™ is a fortress for your BIC® classic lighter.  It creates a waterproof barrier around the lighter while providing two separate lashing points for cordage.  An integral strap molded into the lighter body allows the gas button to be held down for hands-free use.

Gas-Lock Strap

The flexible nature of the fireSLEEVE body allowed us to create a strap that holds down the red button. This keeps the lighter on until you slide the strap off with your thumb. Use this when reaching into tight spots.


When capped, the fireSLEEVE will float and is waterproof to not less than 3 feet. The flexible body has a high-grip surface to keep it in your hand when it becomes wet.

Replaceable Lighter
The included lighter is a BIC Classic lighter available at any convenience store all over the world. Simply pull out the old one and slide in the new. A small dab of silicon grease can be used if necessary.
Safety Cap
The cap not only keeps moisture out but it also protects the red gas button from becoming accidentally depressed in you pack. When the lighter is in use, the cap can be stored on the bottom of the fireSLEEVE body.


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