Adventure Is A Mindset

What does mean to me?
Mindset. its a word you hear quite a lot of nowadays. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you visualise something. If someone was to ask you what you feel is an adventure, what would you respond? Would you go with the distant travels or think closer to home? Where does your mindset sit?
When it comes to adventure, I assume you would visualise it as travelling to a far away place, having to climb the tallest mountains, crossing rivers and working your route through a dense tropical rainforest. In a way, yes these are all adventures for sure. But for some, they are simply a pipe dream. Inaccessible or far from realistic. The truth is, adventure can be found anywhere if you put your mind to it. Unlike Marc and Mike, I live in London and don’t simply have access to vast forests or similar on the doorstep. And this is where the mindset comes in. An adventure can easily be found on a day trip to the local heath or woodland. Even knowing that there’s a main road not too far away, just being out is an opportunity.
Think like a child. To them, their imagination can work wonders. They can turn a box into a fort. A blanket into a cave. And this is the way to act. A small patch of woodland can suddenly become a forest. It offers the same habitat on a smaller scale but with enough space to practice the essentials. Putting up a hammock between trees, making a brew over a (responsibly started) fire, brushing up on flora ID and checking out the wildlife.
In these difficult times, we are all missing the outdoors, and as a business cannot wait to get back out into the mountains. But with survival skills now a large focus, heading out to the local park or woods is perfect.
We have made the effort to engage our mindset onto our clients. Whilst we have stories of adventures overseas, we go the extra mile to utilise what we have learnt to engage others no matter where we are. We could carry a kayak 15 mins to a local river and spend the day at a slow pace yet, its still an adventure. Discovering that trail on the heath that you’ve never seen before, becomes an adventure. Teaching your kid how to build a shelter, becomes an adventure.
Being part of Maddog Adventures has taught me a lot, but the main thing it has taught me is to get outdoors with an open mind and you’ll be amazed at what you can discover!
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